Thursday, June 12, 2008

I guess I should introduce people who stumble here from outside of Northern Minnesota to KAXE.
Community radio at its finest. KAXE has been bringing folks together in community for 30 years now. KAXE audio-streams on the internet here:
The music is eclectic, the interviews rival any at NPR . Give it a try. Explore their site and blogs and get a taste of what Northern Community Radio is all about!

Paul Stamets, Fungal Intelligence and the 21st Psychedelic Journey

"Mushrooms will Save theWorld"; or "Love Your Yeast (Infection)
An interview with Paul Stamets on Personal Life Media. You can listen to the Podcast or read the transcript.
An interview with Paul Stamets on Personal Life Media.
A fascinating take on the role of fungi (and humans) in the great scheme. The loss of biodiversity is the candle flickering in our world cave.
(I read the transcript rather than listening to the podcast.)
It triggers a lot of ideas... fungi as a vast web of communicating interdependency with all living creatures and plants ... HE says modeled on the internet; I would say internet mimics the fungi.
He says, "I think the take-home message that listeners would benefit from is to realize that when the Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago and coalesced out of stardust, the first organisms first appeared in the ocean. The very first organisms on land were fungi.
They marched onto land 1.3 billion years ago and plants followed 600 million years later. Now fungi munch rocks. They produce oxalic acids and other enzymes and acids that actually will take minerals out of rocks and make them crumble.

(The thought that we evolved from mushrooms would be a comfort to my mother who feels that evolution is an inferior theory as long as we have to come from Monkeys!)

From the page: "What is most unfortunate is that we are recognizing the role and the importance of these organisms as they are becoming extinct. And like rivets on an airplane, how many species will we lose before we have catastrophic failure? I think that we are top-heavy right now from an evolutionary sense. We are losing the very ground support network that has given us life. If we are not careful, the rule of nature is that when a species exceeds the carrying capacity of its ecosystem, nature revolts."

He has an idea that mycelium and mushrooms can "sequester carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. As the mycelium grows, it produces these wonderful acid crystals called oxalic acid, which are two carbon dioxide molecules joined together. So is the mycelium grows not only are these carbon rich compounds like proteins, but the cell walls are exoskeletons that are extremely high in polysaccharides, carbohydrates."

Give it a listen, you'll come away with at least a few ideas worth thinking about.

The Animator (Der Trickzeichner)

Great animation! A mythologizing of the science of how it probably goes.
I didn't see that God the Jester was cynical... just doing what he does... Puts it in motion. It only Seems like a joke. . . to Us!

By the way, this cartoon was made by Nick Hilligoss, a famous animation artist from Australia.
3 1/2 minutes.

Monday, June 2, 2008

China's Clean Energy Performance Outpacing USA

Here is my first selection:

From the blog, "SolveClimate" .... Several articles here about China stepping to the front of the class on clean energy issues. Compares and contrasts with the U.S. in taking initiative.
For instance: " China's Renewable Energy Law, effective since February 2005, has set the world's most aggressive and legally binding target. By 2020, 15 percent of all
energy is to come from wind, biomass, solar and hydropower energy, compared to its
present 7 percent.
The U.S. has yet to establish a national renewable energy platform. Congress is tussling over a two year extension to vital tax credits for clean energy companies, which if extended for a full decade, would cost $5 billion.
China takes the lead in solar cell production
also soon to be the lead in making wind turbines
as well as:
having just passed a law banning plastic bags!
Oh, heck, here's the search I just did on China within the SolveClimate site! They're going to be selling us electric cars soon enough. Thank goodness Some country realizes that Capitalism is all about INNOVATION and taking some chances!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Circle

I just want to share my finds with folks who may not want to search through the web themselves but who are curious about what there is to learn and play with out there.
I am a member of the StumbleUpon World Village, which I enjoy very much.
However, when I try to tell "normal" folks about my life there, they're eyes glaze and the subject usually changes rather quickly. How to explain... It is not a "virtual" world... It is real, though it seems to exist only in the air. In fact, it is more like long distance telephone. Everyone is Real, whether they are in disguise or not is a matter of faith. Once you decide to accept the population "as is", and take proper internet precautions toward maintaining the level of privacy that you are comfortable with, it becomes an opportunity to meet and visit with folks from all over the world. Different than a "face book" or "eharmony", you meet people based on interests according to what websites you enjoy reading about, learning about, looking at, or playing with. With my blog here, I'm aiming to share some of my favorite sites and also introduce you to some of the people I've met. If some of you find me from the KAXE website, that is the Best; because I have an interest in bringing my 2 dimensional internet world into collision with my 3 dimensional "real" world. So, This site will share favorite Stumbles, and also some personal musings about life in general.